These days it seems like everybody has a ways and means of telling people how to live their lives.

The perfect mix of blind religion and distorted politics is all you need to make it through.

But, it’s only love that makes the best hearts die,

separated by two sides.


Why can’t they see it’s not some broken scheme? It’s just not the love they need.

And I don’t like it when my heart is in my hand and I can’t find the words to make you understand

A golden memory recurring in some perfect dream, or maybe it was only in my mind.

But, it’s only love that makes the best hearts lie

When they’re down and on the run.


And here’s the biggest heart around,

The one your eyes have never found when they were staring at the ground.


Oh, now baby don’t you worry.

I’m still standing in your sight.

Like a watch that never rusts,

Here’s a promise you can trust;

I’m never giving up.


And someday all these hearts will ache for one day when the tears will come and wash away their fears

of lonely honesty as common as the air we breathe that lingers in the moments left unseen.

But, it’s only love that makes the best hearts sigh.

There’s no reason, there’s no rhyme.


And it’s the safest bet to jump that ledge without a net and all the terror you can find.


A little trust is all you need to break the fall.

A little love can still remind us who we are.

And it’s all we need when the future comes to call.

That’s all.