You don’t have to call me,

but you do have to smile

and tell me how it’s been so long since we spoke for the last time.


And I will take these words

that I have memorized

and I will scramble all the letters,

so the meaning isn’t right.


I love the way you see

with your uncomplicated eyes,

but my thoughts are raging pistons

through my locomotive mind.


And when I try to slow it down,

that’s when I start to realize

that I might turn this non-believer

into something more alive.


And it’s a long way down.


I guess it might seem silly

and a little bit unwise

just sitting here in the stillness

and contemplating life.


Surrounded by the scribbled sheets

of these long forgotten rhymes

and the boxes full of records

now the dust has compromised.


But, that is just how it goes

when you’re standing out of time

and contemplating other people’s stories

in your mind.


Knowing that you’re out there

somewhere doing what you do

not bothering to notice that I

haven’t talked to you.


But, this is all just fine.

We’re not bending space and time.

The sun still dazzles where it shines

and I don’t really live inside my mind.


So, maybe if you called me

even though it’s been a while,

we could navigate the distance,

we could joke about the time

and make a plan to keep things going.

But, we know it’s just a lie

and I could wish you well in kindness

and know you’ll be alright.